Colosseum 2022 — A Hyper Trading Contest of FXCE

6 min readSep 8, 2022
Colosseum 2022 — a trading contest with a $50,000 prize pool. Take place in 04 weeks from 10 October 2022 to 06 November 2022.

A noteworthy contest this fall

Colosseum 2022 is a trading contest on FXCE Colosseum with a $50,000 prize pool. This is the biggest contest organized on FXCE Colosseum since its launch. It will take place in 04 weeks from October 10 to November 06. We design Colosseum 2022 for FXCE LIVE accounts depositing from $50 to take part. Trading on FXCE LIVE accounts is available manually and automatically (by EA). All comers are able to compete for the highest prize of +$30,000. Additionally, there are weekly and other final awards that deserve consideration.

This article will introduce a deep dive into Colosseum 2022. Get yourself ready and win the prizes!

Simple rules to follow

This will be named one of the most simple contests for traders. They just have to trade in their own style and with their own plan. So, what are the rules?


It requires traders to compete with the account type of FXCE MT5 LIVE account, which is auto-created upon registration. Max registration is 3 trading accounts per user.

To compete for prizes, an account must deposit at least $50. Especially for the final round, the deadline to deposit is 23:59 Oct 31 (Server Time).

*The registration will end by Oct 09. Late registration is considered a disqualification. Remember to register before the deadline!

Prize Qualification

The trading account must be profitable. Participants must close all open positions:

♦ by 23:59 (FXCE Server Time) on each Sunday for weekly prize review, and

♦ by 23:59 (FXCE Server Time) on Nov 06, 2022, for final prize review.

*As mentioned above, the deadline to deposit is 23:59 Oct 31 (Server Time).

Prize Disqualification

♦ Trading accounts with orders entered before Colosseum 2022 starts.

♦ Reciprocal trade, gap trading, pricing error, or any forms of abnormal profit exploits.

The Organizer reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any Participant that is found or suspected of performing foregoing exploits without prior notice. And, in any case, the organizer’s decision is final.

Huge prizes to win

The pool of 26 prizes in total is worth $50,000. After each round, Colosseum will rank the top talents according to the rules and reward prizes immediately. Prizes will be converted to FXCE tokens and distributed to the winner’s wallets on the FXCE platform.

The 1st position in the final round accounts for 60% of the prize pool, equivalent to $30,000. And, with many further prizes, we hope traders will find this the best contest ever.

There are certain criteria for traders to compete: weekly rounds and final round, Gain Score and Trading Volume. Here you can see detail in the figure below.

Weekly prizes

Let’s say the first three weeks will witness weekly rounds. Every week, 5 traders with the highest Gain Score will share $1500 prizes ($300/trader). There you also can familiarize yourself with the environment and learn about competitors’ capabilities. Think of it as your impressive warm-up or proper preparation!

Final prizes

Colosseum will determine these prizes in the 4th week — the final round. Over 90% of the contest prize pool is distributed in the final round. This is where we find the breakthrough to happen and real talents to prove themselves.

♦ Main Prizes

The top 10 traders with the highest Gain Score will receive the corresponding prizes.

♦ Highest Volume

Only one trader with the highest Trading Volume will get the prize of $5,000.

Gain Score

In Colosseum 2022, we will apply Score Multiplier to calculate Gain Score. The score multiplier is a condition to multiply the trading account’s gain (%) by positive factors, as a result, increasing the score earned in a contest. See more.

*Any trading account with an insufficient deposit (less than $50) is not eligible to compete for prizes. See how to deposit USDT and transfer USDT to the MT5 account.

Example: A participant deposits $250 and gets a profit of $30. The respective score multiplier is 1. So his Gain Score is 30/250 x 1 = 12%.

Trading Volume

Trading volume is determined based on standard lots. For gold & forex, a standard lot is the equivalent of 100,000 units of the base currency.

The prize structure is based on $50,000 — the beginning prize pool. Each prize amount may change proportionally if there are other donations from community members, as a result, UNLIMITED!!!

Do not miss the time! Let’s register!

For FXCE previous users

If you are familiar with the FXCE ecosystem, sign in and access the contest on Colosseum.

Click “Register” to see the trading account option then confirm your registration.

Upon registration, we will send an email to inform you that your registration is successful. It includes trading account information as below.

For newbies

If FXCE is totally new for you, don’t worry, it’s easy to start.

  • Go to and choose “Create account”.
  • Fill in the form, check documents carefully, and agree.
  • Click “Create account”, then confirm email to finish your sign-up.

Take the next steps as a regular customer (listed right above).

Chance to attract investors

As mentioned, traders join Colosseum 2022 with FXCE MT5 LIVE accounts. On the FXCE Social Trading Platform, we allow these accounts to provide signals or receive investments by changing their account setting.

When emulating for the highest prize, at the same time, you can publicize your account to show your outstanding talent. Then, people will make investments in your trading accounts. So, making additional income during Colosseum 2022 is considerable potential in FXCE. Let’s take a look at the table below, traders will see their expected income in the “Cost” Column.

In the end

No matter who you are, where you’re from, or what style your trading is, Colosseum 2022 is here for you to conquer. Traders with EA on FXCE MT5 are also acceptable. We do really appreciate your attendance and our EA staff are always ready to provide technical support. Deposit from $50, a winner will get at least $300 while the champion will win up to $35,900. Besides all the great prizes, the contestants can earn more from FXCE Copytrade Engine. Worth a try, isn’t it?

For any question or problem, reach us directly on Telegram (ENG: & VIE: or via email:

Worldwide traders! Welcome to register before Colosseum 2022 starts on October 10!




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