First Token Launch on May 13th: An era milestone for FXCE Ecosystem

13 May 2021 marked the first launch of FXCE Token on the TRON blockchain. To highlight the moment, FXCE has rewarded 2,345,000 Tokens in the framework of Appreciation Program as a sincere thank to the community for their attachment, support and companionship so far. With the max supply of 1 billion, we will allocate this amount of FXCE Token gradually in 5 years (51% for the community).

Contract address: TUY4A6xJsTFUEDxP5j99wcVF4RqLZ4TCzx (https://www.justswap.io/?lang=en-US#/scan/detail/trx/TUY4A6xJsTFUEDxP5j99wcVF4RqLZ4TCzx)

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Max Supply: 1,000,000,000
Circulate Supply: 252,000,000

This article delivers the best overview about us and the ecosystem we will lead this new era to.

About FXCE

FXCE is a social trading platform that brings traders and investors together with smart connection applying high-tech solutions. We have launched the Social Trading Platform, Trading Analysis and CopyTrade Engine to serve a community of more than 50,000 traders and investors along with talent funding programs.

By means of state-of-the-art technology, FXCE is becoming a safe and transparent DeFi ecosystem. Global multi-markets of forex, stocks and cryptocurrencies are approached just in one platform. The whole ecosystem, especially our financial social network, will be developed on Blockchain and driven by the FXCE Token.

About FXCE Ecosystem

Beyond a trading platform, FXCE is a close association of helpful applications and add-ons. They are connected together by technology to form a financial ecosystem to enhance the convenience and efficiency of being part inside.

The Social Trading Platform as well as Trading Analysis and Copytrade Engine has been improving your trading skills and results. Official debut of our “virtual assistant” in 2024 will support your trade favorably with processed information that is rarely accessible to anyone.

Unlimited access to Digital Banking and FXCE Wallet will definitely eliminate time and space barriers. In view of versatile capacities, users can quickly solve their capital demands, actively manage assets and even get stocks’ dividends directly.

We are totally transparent in all operations through the public Token Metrics and the future Smart Chain. Power Block and social games will also be saved on blockchain by smart contract. FXCE social network is where we spread the ecosystem to the community. Users can directly share exact information from all applications and connect to others to access more financial opportunities.

And, FXCE Token as our common currency is the heart for all activities in the ecosystem.

FXCE Token brings you more power in our ecosystem

Users need to own FXCE token to optimize their access to our applications developed on FXCE Smart Chain. The more FXCE tokens you hold, the more important you become on the network.

In the end

With the power of an assemblage, our ecosystem benefits the financial community through FXCE Token. FXCE will not run any ICO or pre-sale but all positive contributions to the development of the community and ecosystem will be rewarded with equivalent Tokens. Make it happen and take advantage of our system just by your presence. Follow FXCE to update official news about our financial ecosystem!

FXCE builds the whole new era of trading for you to lead the industry with our technology. Being the game changer has never been this simple without FXCE.