FXCE Social Trading Platform: We connect brokers, traders and investors

5 min readDec 14, 2021
Social Trading Platform

FXCE Social Trading Platform sits at the center of traditional finance which we aim to bring to DeFi. When it comes to social trading, common sense is just like investors can copy experienced traders with both earning from profitable trades. At FXCE, besides copytrade, we take social trading attributes such as interaction, publicity and transparency as well as partner mechanisms with global exchanges to the extreme.

Since its release, we have brought together more than 80,000 users from 56 countries in the Social Trading Platform. Through up-to-date utilities and exclusive values, our wide base of users are able to stay connected with each other and benefit mutually. Find out more about FXCE Social Trading Platform right below!

Connect the global financial community in a Social Trading Platform

Traders and investors

FXCE Social Trading Platform is designed to bridge investment capital flows easily and efficiently between global traders and investors.

This is where a trader can access investment with an attractive profile built on his real performance. And, on the other side, an investor can make investment in a reliable environment to where every detail is transparent.

This platform is what traders would call a paradise. We offer a spectrum of global brokers so that newcomers can select any of them to trade with. Trading process are likely to be strengthened by Trader’s Guard — a commitment between trader and FXCE system. Traders can also practice and improve their trading statistics through Trading Analysis. With all of these tools, this platform facilitates users to develop personal brands with outstanding profiles on Social Trading Platform.

Regarding investors, they can hunt for talents with our searching tool. Default and advanced filters are helpful when finding for the group of traders that match their own risk appetite. Top Traders is available for those who desire to explore top ranking of profit, drawdown, FXCE Score, etc. Social connection allows investors to keep track with potential traders throughout the time and communicate directly before actually investing their money in.

Traders and brokers

FXCE’s Exchange Partners and Total Users (Data on Nov 2021)

Our partnerships help to connect international brokers and traders directly. Both online exchanges and retail traders are enabled to take advantage of FXCE Social Trading Platform resources for business development and trading improvement.

At FXCE, a spectrum of optional brokers to a trader’s preference is offered. Traders can choose to trade with one or more than one broker and link the trading account to FXCE. They, therefore, can trade with their favorite exchanges, and at the same time, access to our innovative technology as well as optimize cost of trading.

In view of an available community of 80,000+ users, our partner exchanges can enter and thrive in the global financial market. This does not come with any operating expense and middleman interference. In the circumstances, their customers still enjoy limitless competitive advantages including technology and promotion supported by FXCE.

Social Trading Platform — Deliver competitive advantages

Leading-edge technology

Traders in FXCE Social Trading Platform are able to apply one-of-a-kind utilities which are explicitly designed for different interests, abilities and purposes.

There are applications for skill development and profile improvement like Trading Analysis and Trader’s Guard. Users track trading stats, such as FXCE Score, to evaluate trading skills, behaviors and efficiency. We make it easy for traders to comply with their trading system through Trader’s Guard — the world’s best solution for risk management.

To create and maintain social connection for better economic returns, Copytrade Engine and Social Network are provided. A budding relationship between a trader and an investor can start on Social Network, where they share and connect together for more financial opportunities. Then, it becomes more and more solid under real cooperation for real profit. Using Copytrade Engine, investors can buy signals and invest in traders.

A technological leap — Trading Assistant (released in 2024) is the future of “virtual assistants” using Behavior-based Artificial Intelligence* technology. Traders can consult processed information that is rarely accessible to anyone.

An upgraded version of FXCE Score in Trading Analysis based on AI will be the stepping stone for FXCE to develop a trading assistant in the future. In line with FXCE Social Trading Platform and Trading Analysis, Trading Assistant takes advantage of billions of trading data to achieve the best consulting standards.

* Behavior-based Artificial Intelligence (BBAI) is a complex behavioral data approach. BBAI develops based on the ability to adapt, react and gradually adjust behaviors in each changing condition. Accordingly, we study the response plan in an unpredictable environment.

Lucrative offers

As mentioned above, traders can open accounts with any broker partner, and as many as they want on FXCE Social Trading Platform. FXCE also enables them to manage and collect all cashback and referral with these brokers on just one account. Diversified mechanisms from a variety of global online brokers create a competitive environment for users. They can select the best-fit mechanism from our list of exchanges.

For traders and investors:

For partnership:

We welcome every good-faith invitation to cooperate from unbounded industries. If you want to make financial services more open, inclusive, and transparent, we will be a very potential partner. Do not hesitate to contact us via email partner@fxce.com.




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