FXCE Trading Analysis: An in-depth analytics platform

6 min readDec 14, 2021

Why do most traders lose in the financial markets as a whole? In a very shallow way, it can be explained by the weaknesses dealing with common trading skills. It may include capital and risk management, trading discipline and patience, research and analysis, and so on. We, however, recognize they are rather short of a favorable practicing space to evaluate and nourish these skills. In this context, FXCE Trading Analysis is obviously a perfect technology solution in charge of delivering useful trading data, improving trading quality and powering trading decisions with artificial intelligence. As always, this article will cover different approaches, supporting tools and future prospects of the platform.

Disclose trader’s ability with Trading Analysis

For traders

Traders are typically looking around and finding a reliable broker to start with. With FXCE, you can expect more and more for a practicing environment, a funding program and investment. Along with Copytrade Engine, Trading Analysis provides opportunities to practice and increase their income at the same time.

“A place for all” is our first concern. FXCE connects all global exchanges in a Social Trading Platform (STP). As a result, Trading Analysis is available to all accounts, even demo and partner accounts, at no cost. All traders, from beginners to experts, can benefit from various features of the general-purpose platform.

Beginners: To plan their trade and improve their skills & test new indicators or EAs

  • Demo account: Zero cost of trading
  • Cent account: Real trading from $10

Advanced: To access FXCE Fund & attract investors in STP

  • Get funded in Direct & Invest or EA Future Testing Program (up to $500,000)
  • Develop outstanding profile with Trader’s Guard, FXCE Score and more

Experts: To maximize their earnings with Copytrade Engine

  • Provide signals: Self-determined signal fee
  • Get investment: 20% profit sharing

For investors

Among 80,000+ users, thousands of investors congregate on FXCE STP. Just like investors on other social trading, they hunt for eligible traders of certain risk appetite. They desire transparency, protection and effectiveness. Trading Analysis will play a key function in ensuring that they are all satisfied when they work with us.

Trader filter system: Find the group of traders that match investors’ risk appetite

  • 8 default filters (Top traders, Hot traders, Top signals, etc.)
  • Customized filters with 50+ parameters

Trader analysis data:

  • Trader’s Guard: Protect investors as traders must commit with the system

- Public terms

- Automated penalty

- Recorded violation history

  • Overall Analysis: Evaluate traders in the most transparent and detailed manner

- 5 aspects of FXCE Score to assess quality of trading

- Analysis of profit, drawdown, trading equipment, broker, etc.

- Trading behaviors

- The whole trading history

Investors can make the best investing selections with the help of these tools. Various investing types offered by Copytrade Engine will create even more advantages to all investors in our ecosystem. Learn more here.

Provide unique technology via Trading Analysis

We easily apply the latest innovation to all services we deliver as a fintech company. Accordingly, Trading Analysis, forged with the financial industry’s practical needs in mind, satisfies even the most demanding users. Let’s come over with some outstanding features that set us apart from our counterparts.

FXCE Score

FXCE Score is a composite index to measure overall performance of a trader over the time. This score is the result of a complex computing process to summarize huge multidimensional trading data. FXCE Score, simply speaking, is made up of five major factors that are represented by following sub-scores:

Experience: Trading experience and stability

  • Trading time
  • Total orders
  • Trading sessions
  • Trading volume

Risk Management: Correlation between entry and exit points

Compare the optimality and stability of the Risk/Reward ratio

  • Take profit orders
  • Stop loss orders

Discipline: Ability to trade consistently

  • Trading sessions
  • Orders per week
  • Pairs proportion

Profit: Ability to generate stable profit

  • Every order score
  • Profit stability

Patience: Reasonable order entry and exit time

Compare and evaluate all orders’ entry time and exit time

Trader’s Guard

Tracking data from Trading Analysis, Trader’s Guard is a critical component in the connection of traders and investors in the Social Trading Platform. Traders commit to the terms they set for Trader’s Guard, thereby, and any infringement will result in an instant penalty.

Some typical implications of this feature for traders are testing (i.e. trading systems, indicators, EAs), managing risk, improving discipline and preventing loss in volatile markets. In addition, users can leverage public Trader’s Guard on their profiles to attract more investment. To clarify, before investing, it’s important to think about how you’ll be safeguarded if a trader doesn’t follow his trading plan. Through these commitments, and to what extent risk is acceptable to investors, they can make appropriate decisions.

There are 06 criteria that traders can optionally set up and modify:

  • Pair(s) Selection: Trade your edge
  • Risk Management: Commit max negative balance
  • Equity Management: Commit min and max equity
  • Trading Session: Commit trading time frame
  • Equity & Floating Drawdown: Select acceptable drawdown level
  • Max Order Limit: Commit max orders to trade

Searching tool

Trading Analysis offers a smart search engine to make precise and timely investment. We enable investors to find out their favorite group of traders. Quick search is available in the form of just one click to default filters, username search, sorted FXCE Score, Growth, Drawdown, Profit, etc. For advanced search, customizable filters of 07 criteria with 56 parameters have been provided. Users can design and save custom filters to match groups of traders to their own risk appetite.

An in-depth analytics platform

  • Diverse analytical aspects of 100+ charts and parameters
  • Real-time data analysis at each point of entry or exit
  • Clearer outliers and insights with great visualization

Trading Analysis itself has been a state-of-the-art analytics platform, but still far from the last. An upgraded version of FXCE Score will be the stepping stone for FXCE toward developing a virtual assistant. Using Behavior-based Artificial Intelligence* technology, the system has to learn and test with big data in order to fulfill its function. Trading Assistant takes advantage of billions of trading data from Trading Analysis to achieve the best consulting standards.

* Behavior-based Artificial Intelligence (BBAI) is a complex behavioral data approach. BBAI develops based on the ability to adapt, react and gradually adjust behaviors in each changing condition. Accordingly, we study the response plan in an unpredictable environment.




FXCE builds the whole new era of trading for you to lead the industry with our technology. Being the game changer has never been this simple without FXCE.