FXCE’s EA Future Testing Program

4 min readSep 13, 2021

FXCE’s Future Testing is a stepping stone to optimized Expert Advisor (EA). This effort is in line with our vision and mission to benefit the community, especially in automated trading. In the program, we invest for developers to test their EAs with real accounts on our real server.

Yes, the impossible has already happened. For the first time, people can test the system with EA credit accounts starting from $10,000 to $100,000 following the funding roadmap. Let’s make your EAs prosper with our extensive technical and financial support!

Program highlights

➤ Funding roadmap

Only at FXCE, you can get invested for future performance testing of your EA. A skilled developer can have multiple EA accounts funded by FXCE, each up to $100,000. This means millions of dollars would be invested as the number of EAs available for the community increases.

To be granted a credit account, EA must meet the initial backtesting conditions and pass our assessment. In the first phase, the EA account is funded with $10,000 for 3-month future testing.

Then, if the EA shows a high and stable winning rate, FXCE will increase the investment to $100,000. Otherwise, FXCE will suspend investment while the developer modifies & upgrades his EA.

➤ Real testing

One popular concern about EA is that testing almost relies on using tick data. It is possible a system that looks great on backtesting, but, likely fails when trading in real time in the future.

Only at FXCE, we resolve the problem directly. Developers are enabled to test and optimize EAs under real-time market conditions with credit accounts. It is exactly like what we say “real accounts on our real server”. Above all, developers consider from the correct angle to evaluate then upgrade their EAs.

In terms of Social Trading, people can reach, follow and copy high-quality EAs from this public real testing process. Obviously, investors will find it more reliable to see what has been really going on so far with an account run by the EA.

➤ Profit sharing

Apart from testing EA, developers can expect further values in the Future Testing Program. Thanks to FXCE investment scheme and Copytrade Engine, they can make money by EA accounts exactly like other trading accounts.

Qualified EA will get investment from FXCE Fund for real testing. Similar to FXCE Direct & Invest, profits made by EA of the granted account will be shared with the developer at a fixed rate of 20%.

At the same time, the account can be upgraded to Level 3. This allows users to copy signals and invest in that account. Without any opportunity cost, skilled EA developers are still able to attract more and more investment on FXCE Social Trading Platform.

How to apply for credit account

General requirements

The application process will ask for these following documents:

  • Strategy description (Session, time frame, pair, indicator, etc.)
  • EA’s algorithm description
  • At least 1-year backtesting results or current EA running account

Developers must collect and present all required contents in the application. EA experts from FXCE will do a performance review prior to funding for the future testing. Having documents ready and complete will speed up this process.

Quick guide

Sending your application by email:

  • To: FXCE’s support department — support@fxce.com
  • Email title: EA FUTURE TESTING Fund Request
  • Message: Your introduction of the EA
  • Attachment: All required docs

Professional assistance

Coding an EA is no way an effortless process, but it will become more smooth if we are here for you.

EA Library

The library makes us swell with pride to claim it as the largest code collection for EA. Only here, you can find a variety of ready-made EAs, technical indicators and open source, thanks to nonstop contributions of FXCE EA Developers & Community for the library.

It serves the purpose that our community can access and benefit in the long term. One of the benefits is that free open source will save developers’ coding time. Not having to write each single line, a number of professional codes but clean and easy to modify are approachable.


People connect easily with our team and the whole EA community on telegram. This channel, where EA experts are active all the time, is public and free to join. Here, you may gain expertise in developing EAs and take direct advice as well as support.

We regularly hold or support to organize thematic seminars and AMA sessions. Through these offline and online events, FXCE desires to enhance common understanding by updating latest knowledge, and responding to all personal questions.

Access to FXCE EA Library: https://gitlab.com/fxce/mt5-libs/-/wikis/FXCE-Expert-Advisor-Library.

Update new EAs and get technical support: https://t.me/fxceea.




FXCE builds the whole new era of trading for you to lead the industry with our technology. Being the game changer has never been this simple without FXCE.