Trader’s Guard — The world’s 1st and only solution for indiscipline

6 min readApr 26, 2022

Trader’s Guard — an automated system of commitment execution was applied by over 13,000 traders around the world in FXCE Risk Management Trading Contest. It’s designed to allow traders trading with consistency and discipline, as a result, to keep risks under control. They thus can reduce the risk of devastating losses and simultaneously earn steadily supplemental income.

In trading, having a well-outlined and easy-to-follow trading plan is crucial to success. Nevertheless, traders usually find themselves a potentially short-circuiting success by circumventing the laid-out system. Their lack of planning execution can easily be a cause for the eventual demise of their account.

FXCE offers a solution built on an automation mechanism that will be the trading dichotomy. Traders will commit to themselves through FXCE’s system and decide how the system automatically handles a violation of the committed terms. This is to compel the trader to execute orders within a suitable risk management plan.

➤ Trader’s Guard — An ideal solution to practice discipline

Various terms to commit

Traders independently determine the commitment term as well as the penalty for an infringement. Trader’s Guard offers users diversified terms for traders to set up and modify to fit themselves:

  • Pair(s) Selection: Trade your edge
  • Risk Management: Commit max negative balance
  • Equity Management: Commit min and max equity
  • Trading Session: Commit trading time
  • Equity & Floating Drawdown: Commit drawdown level
  • Max Order Limit: Commit max orders to trade
Trader’s Guard with various terms to apply

Utilize advanced-tech at No Cost

At FXCE, users can create and utilize it on all existing types of account. You may desire to test and gauge the effectiveness of many active strategies before real funds are involved.

Traders are facilitated to build and trade in many systems with various committed terms on demo accounts at no cost. This also gives them a one-of-a-kind opportunity to improve patience and self-control with real data and unlimited time. They thus can perceive the strategy that fits them the best.

In addition, Trader’s Guard is applicable to both published and private accounts. This helps traders focus on exercises without public attention and have no concerns to modify commitments for better strategic trading.

Enhance spiritual disciplines in trading

Once users are prepared to be under investing consideration, however, they agree to publicize all terms as well the violation history. All the breaches are going to be instantly recorded and publicly displayed on their dedicated profile. This impels users to trade in a highly self-disciplined manner in order to attract more potential investors.

Besides, any infringement will result in immediately closing all trade orders. And trading will be disabled during the punishment time which depends on the penalty type. With “Lock account in X hrs”, users are not allowed to execute any orders in X hours chosen early.

To a more severe degree, the trader’s account automatically stops selling signals and investment contracts are terminated with “Close all signal”. That way, investors are protected against traders’ departure from their rules. This causes them to meticulously make decisions when opting for the type of penalty with each different term.

➤ Trader’s Guard does help traders to reduce losses

Eliminate overtrading with Trader’s Guard

Overtrading is one of the most common psychological issues traders might face. Once regulation is lost, the trader will be much more likely to trade emotionally and can potentially incur disastrous losses as a consequence. The Trader’s Guard offers users three main commitments to avoid this: Max Order Limit, Trading Session and Pair(s) Selection.

Trader’s Guard does help traders to reduce losses

With Max order limit, users can commit themselves to the maximum of open positions along with daily, weekly and monthly orders. Whereby, the penalty for any infringement decided early will be instantly executed by an automation system.

By utilizing this state-of-the-art technology, users can stop trading impulsively or opening positions that don’t fit their strategy. This tool also allows you to commit to the product as well as the session including the entry and exit time into the bargain.

Stick to risk management plan

Traders can reduce an account’s losses with various capital management commitments: Floating Drawdown, Equity Drawdown, Equity Management and Risk Management. Trader’s Guard is designed with an aim to help discretionary traders doggedly decide to cut losses as their strategy. If not, they’re going to be instantaneously penalized by our computerized system.

Emotions like fear, greed, or excitement which create potentially negative results will be eliminated. To wit, this type of robotic interaction is the epitome of disciplined execution in the market. Moreover, this computation system runs a data retrieval process with ultra high frequency which results in a pinpoint accuracy.

➤ Trading for a living with Trader’s Guard

Make more money on FXCE Social Trading Platform

A concoction of the Demo Pro account’s utility and the up-to-date technology of Trader’s Guard have all helped all talent traders earn more income. Any trader at FXCE can become a signal provider and get investment from potential investors on FXCE STP.

Trading for a living with Trader’s Guard

A user with such strict commitments applied will get FXCE scored high because of the consistency and discipline in his trading behavior. Those qualified traders thus attract investors who can buy signals and invest through our cutting-edge technology — CopyTrade Engine.

Additionally, with public terms on our platform, investors know to what extent risk, then make appropriate decisions. They must desire transparent, safe and effective investment. That leads to a congregation of thousands of investors to STP to invest in eligible traders of certain risk appetite.

Access FXCE Direct & Invest — Earn stable income

Besides, traders can get investment from FXCE Direct & Invest or EA Future Testing Program (up to $500,000). They need to satisfy some conditions to get funded, which is streamlined by the Trader’s Guard. Implementing such strict commitments and automation system penalties will bring about stable performance. This leads them to an opportunity for easy and early access to our capital.

In reality, there are hundreds of traders funded with a total of millions of dollars from us. Traders just need to practice and develop an outstanding profile with our unique product, we’ll hunt and come to them. No social trading platform has such an amazing funding program with just a Demo account, no registration fee and no limit on capital.

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Trading is often viewed as a high barrier-to-entry profession, but as long as you have ambition, patience and strictness, you can trade for a living. With Trader’s Guard, it now can become a full-time career opportunity or a way to generate stably additional income. Apply it, demonstrate your capabilities and develop an outstanding profile to attract potential investors as well as FXCE’s fund.

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